Museum of Fishing

In this museum the artefacts still smell of waterweeds and nets are still wet. It is a story about the Gauja River and the men on its banks on whom one man once said that “the boys in Lejaslīgatne near the Gauja are born with a small fishing spear in their hand”. It is a story of how our ancestors did fishing and how we do it today. It is also possible to try your own hand in fishing. And when we all sit together around the bonfire we could think about how to protect the Gauja River and the life in it so that the paths on its banks would never overgrow.

Tours by prior arrangement.

GPS coordinates: 57.2553; 25.0446

Adress: Gaujas street 38, Līgatne, Līgatne Region.

Phone: + 371 64153169, +371 29189707