Vienkoci Park

Vienkoci park – place for rest and inspiration!

The park is situated at Ligatne River and is divided into several areas to diversify visitors’ feelings. Vienkoci Park popularises the use of natural materials, especially wood, because it is wood articles made of one piece of wood. You can see dugouts, log chairs, log sculptures, log lamps, etc. made of one piece of wood in the park. There is a trail with wooden sculptures of different protected animals and a small woodworking workshop – museum. You can see the working environment of a woodcarver, and watch how wooded sculptures and dugouts are made. There are mock-ups of different historical buildings on the territory of the park: mock-up of Nurmizu Estate, mock-up of BEIWERK historical building of the Ligatne Paper Mill, mock-up of a pub and several miniature water mills. The created torture yard takes back to torturing of peasants in 1905. In the classical corner at classical benches and vases we remember the past, but in the modern area we look at the world of modern art. On intact nature trails we feel places not touched by the humanity.
In the park you can see the first sand-bag house in Latvia, in construction of which also other Eco building ideas were used.
Taking a rest in Vienkoci park you can also use places for fire and basket dinner.
Children can play on a playground. 

Woodcraft museum is located in Vienkoci park. Exposititon of museum is based on woodcraft development from the Stone Age to the present day. In a depth visitation it is must to have guided tour.

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