Līgatnes Crossing - Ferry

The ferry over the Gauja river is the only crossing of this type in the Baltic States. The ferry is made of 2 boats fastened together, on which there is a plank layer. A steel cable stretched across the river does not allow the ferry to tide downstream, and it moves from one bank to the other by the force of stream. Once there were 3 bridges over the Gauja. After the Second World War, when bridges were destroyed, Līgatne Paper Mill created Līgatne ferry crossing to let workers of the Paper Mill to come to work from Pārgauja.




One-way ticket


1,00 € for people by foot, cyclists, scooter

5,00 € for car, motorcycle, quadricycle

7,00 € truck, minibus, tractor, car with trailer 


 One way and back ticket

(need to be used at the same day) 


1,50 € for people by foot, cyclists, scooter

7,00 € for car, motorcycle, quadricycle

10,00 € truck, minibus, tractor, car with trailer

 Crossing for a group

(without boarding on the other side)



10,00 € for a group


Working hours

Every day 7:30 – 18:00

Contact information

Phone: +371 29189707 +371 25737578

E-mail: visitligatne@cesunovads.lv


Gaujas Street (nearby river Gauja), Līgatne

GPS coordinates

57.254928, 25.044285