Līgatne - Sigulda


Length of the hike is approximately 30 km, if walking, then the trail takes up to 10 hours, with bikes about 4-5 hours (Līgatne Tourism information centre - Ferry – Līgatne nature trails - Tītmaņu Rock - Dagne Cave - Dauda - Vējupītes hollow - Raiņa Park – Sigulda Train Station) 

When taking the trail, you will be able to partly see the historical 19th century village of Līgatne Paper Mill, ferry that goes from one side of river Gauja to the other, several sandstone cliffs near Gauja, such as Jumpravu Rock, Tītmaņu Rock, Ērmaņu Rock and Elpju Rock. You will enjoy the relief of Vidzeme and natural significances – rivers, brooks, sandstone cliffs and woods.