- Zvārtes rock


Zvārtes rock is one of the most beautiful sandstone outcrops in Latvia. It is more than 350 million years old, its height measures 20 m. In order to save the famous rock, in 1939 riverbed of Amata was straightened.

Next to the rock there is another outcrop - 200 m long and up to 44 m high. It is very steep, subjected  to overground and underground water, frost, sun and wind, therefore landslips and wash-outs develop there.

Folk tales tell that Zvārtes rock used to be a meeting place of witches on Whitsunday, St. John's Day and Christmas. Oh those days they rushed on brooms from pine forests of the surroundings.

 Opposite to the Zvārtes rock, at the edge of the meadow there is another outcrop - Miglas (Fog) rock. Locals used to call it also the Rock of the Meadow and, because it continues in the forest, the Čūsku (Snake) rock as well.

There is a story that in 1872 during a big storm the threshing barn from the "Zvārtes" farm house, that laid on the bank of the river, was brought to the meadow of the "Vieļas" farm house, where you can see it today. The barn has been restored in 1986.