Līgatne linna kultuurimaja

Erinevateks üritusteks ja pidustusteks on võimalik üürida Līgatne linna kultuurimaja.


Rohkem informatsiooni: Laimdota Lapiņa – Līgatne regiooni Kultuuri- ja turismikeskuse juhataja (tel.: +371 28395513; +371 64153121)

Rehabilitation Center “Ligatne”

We lay festivity tables for up to 500 persons. Out banquets in your selected places are possible.

Depending on the scope of services 10 – 30% discounts are applied.

Information by phone: +371 64161915; +371 26467747

Guest House "Lāču miga"

In the bathhouse of the guest house we offer to use a recreational facility and a bathhouse. The recreation facility with a capacity of ~ 18 persons is appropriate for different events. Technical equipment of the facility will allow you to watch your favorite films and listen to your favorite songs, we also offer table games for adults and children. Bathhouse is healthy and traditional leisure in any season, its capacity is up to 10 persons simultaneously. To enjoy your stay we offer you to take an aromatic milk bath. In summer places for tents are available.

More information:, e-mail:
Address: Gaujas street 22, Ligatne, Ligatne territory, LV – 4110V
Phone: +371 29133713, fax: +371 64153133


Conference and Leisure Complex "Ratnieki"

  • Seminar halls;
  • Premises for work groups of seminars with sofas;
  • Canteens, bar with TV and sofas;
  • Beer hall;
  • etc.

More information:
Phone: +371 64155683, mob. phone: +371 26445211

Recreation Facility and Camping "Zemturi"

Banquet hall with fireplace in stone building made of round stones:

  • accommodation for up to 50 persons;
  • live music;
  • laying tables on request;
  • night lodging for up to 30 persons.

More information:
e-mail:, phone: +371 2948279

Leisure Complex "Vecais ceļš"

Banquet hall – festivity place with capacity of 70 persons. Here you can organize:

  • birthdays;
  • weddings;
  • family festivities;
  • corporate parties;
  • dance parties;
  • simply all-around parties.

More information:
e-mail:, phone: +371 28218888

Guest house "Līčkalni"

Rooms for festivities, banquets (for 40 persons in winter and 150 in summer).


More information:
e-mail:, phone: +371 29950595

Leisure Complex "Ezernieki"

More information:
Phone: +371 26330166, +371 26601771

Guest house "Upmaļi"

More information:,
Phone: +371 64155412, +371 29409257

Vienkoci park

Place for festivities in the open air – we offer places for fire and basket dinner. In case of necessity we provide a big star-shaped tent (50 m2).


More information:
e-mail:, phone: +371 29329065

Guest House “Nītaures Dzirnavas”

  • Hall for festivities;
  • Conference hall;
  • Rooms for night lodging;
  • Bathhouse, sauna and Jacuzzi.

More information:
Phone: +371 26665040, +371 64144279, fax: 64144481
Address: "Dzirnavas", Nītaures pagasts, Cēsu raj., LV - 4112