For festivities

Ligatne Town Recreation Center

For different parties and festivities you can rent Ligatne House of Culture


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Phone +371 29189707, +371 264153169

Rehabilitation centre Līgatne

A great place to organise celebrations – the big banquet hall can house up to 200 persons. Together we will find the

 best solution for you! We offer confectioneries, tables for celebrations and banquets, etc., picnic baskets, outdoor catering. 

Tell us your wishes and we will make your celebration a great adventure! There is a café in the centre.

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Phone: +371 64161915, 26467747. 

Address:“Skaļupes”, Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region



 University of Latvia Recreation Centre „Ratnieki”

Ratnieki is a part of cultural heritage of the first Republic of Latvia. This exemplary agricultural estate was created in 1930-ties by the most successful Latvian entrepreneur in textile industry Roberts Hiršs (1895-1972). He bequeathed his property to the University of Latvia, which has transformed the place in modern conference and leisure centre providing spacious rooms for events and accommodation for up to 140 guests.

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Phone: +371 26445211.

Address: "Ratnieki", Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region. 

The Café “Pie Jančuka” 

The café is located in the basement floor of Līgatne community centre, which is allegedly the location of the first skittles hall in Latvia. The menu offers traditional Latvian cuisine for individual visitors and groups not exceeding 50 people. Catering for groups is by prior arrangement.


Phone: +371 29149596. 

Address: Spriņģu street 4, Līgatne, Līgatne Region. 

The Pub “Vilhelmīnes dzirnavas” (Wilhelmine’s Mill)

The pub “Vilhelmīnes dzirnavas’ is located in the very heart of Līgatne- it delights everyone with food that is a treat for Your mouth and Your eye, with excellent beer and with peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere. In summer one can sit out on the terrace and relax enjoying the nature in Līgatne and the historical centre of the town. The pub offers catering, organisation of celebrations and related services both at “Vilhelmīnes dzirnavas” and its business partners or in the premises preferred by customers.

Available for tourist groups.

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 Phone: +371 27551311. 

Address: Spriņģu street 1, Līgatne, Līgatne Region.

1.     Safari Park More

Watching red deer, fallow deer and white color red deer, feeding from hand. In total there are more than 500 animals. Guided excursions, antler collection. A guesthouse with a sauna for up to 40 people, a place for a picnic. You can order exclusive game dishes and bounties from the Latvian forest and nature by a prior arrangement.

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Phone: +371 29664014, +371 29444662, +371 26539222 (hunting). 

Address: "Saulstari", More R, Sigulda rural Territory, Sigulda Region. 

Holiday Complex Ezernieki

In the holiday complex a large guest house, where it is possible to organise weddings, banquets, celebrations, presentations, and other events (for up to 70 people), with a kitchen, sauna, hall with a billiard/pool table, and terrace with a beautiful view of the ponds and the edge of the forest.

The guest house offers a place for campfires, an outdoor grill with firewood, paintball, all-terrain vehicle rental, football, basketball and volleyball courts, nature trails, fishing, bicycle and boat rental. We also offer the services of a professional chef, sauna attendant, florist, musicians, masters of ceremonies and entertainers.

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E-mail: Phone: +371 26592550.

 Address:  „Ezernieki”, Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region.

Guest house “Ilzītes”

The guest house offers our visitors the opportunity to relax with their friends or family. For our guests’ conveniences, we also has a hall for private celebrations and other events for 25 persons. The guest house has also a terrace, grill-spot and bonfire place, as well as a wood-fired bath and a pond to cool off afterwards. We offer also free internet, a tent site and a parking lot.


Phone: +371 29127134. 

Address: “Ilzītes” Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region.