Ligatne Nature Trails


Ligatne Nature Trails of Gauja NP were established in 1975 in order to acquaint visitors with nature, wild mammal species living in Latvia, nature diversity and environmental protection.

On the banks of the Gauja River, in the area rich in wooded glens more than 5 km long trails are laid where you can observe wild animals and birds characteristic for the fauna of Latvia. You need 2-3h on average for a visit.

The animals met in Ligatne Nature Trails have been brought from various places of Latvia. They were either injured or tamed cubs that could not survive without human care and find food without assistance. We remind you that feeding of animals is prohibited!

In Ligatne Nature Trails You can watch roe deers, wild boars, bears, foxes, elks, lynx, owls, eagle-owls and aurochs. While visiting the area of Ligatne Natural trails wear comfortable clothes and footwear appropriate for hiking.

Visitors Centre opening hours 9:00 – 17:00  

Working days:

·         Childrens 1,40 €

·         Students, seniors 2,10 €

·         Adults 3,60 €  

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays:

·         Childrens 2, 10 €

·         Students, seniors 2,80 €

·         Adults 4,30 €

Airing of dogs, even on a leash, in Ligatne Nature Trails is prohibited!

More information: E-mail:

Phone: +371 28328800; +371 64153313.