- Paper Mill caves

Caves and cellars on the territory of the Paper Mill

Paper Mill caves are not easy to reach.

Although the Paper Mill itself is directly guilty in cutting of the majority of caves in sandstone rocks in Ligatne suburb, there are several very interesting and beautiful caves on the territory of the mill, which are situated on the banks of Ligatne River. Looking at these caves, which were changing over the years, we can see that the river itself has also changed, because some caves may be accessed only from water, which certainly was not like this when the caves were create

Underground utilities caves, which were once built as a system of channels, are a poorly studied, but absolutely unique object on Ligatne Paper Mill. They entwist the whole territory of the mill, are of a human size and are located several meters under the ground. There is a similar system of holdings on the territory of Anfabrika.

After the Second World War these cellars were recognized as Civil protection sites, a place where inhabitants could hide in case of a nuclear war or application of chemical weapons. To access these cellars the stairs and the elevated road above the river were restored.