- Lustūzis

Lustuzis (Cave rock)

When you visit Ligatne, Lustuzis is the first to welcome you. It is situated on the rights bank of Ligatne River and stretches for 250 m downstream, 50 m along the forest edge (marked upper edge of the slope) to South West and 50 m to South East. It is 4.454 ha wide. It is a geological and geomorphological natural monument.

Lustuzis is a favorite visitable natural site. More and more tourists visiting Ligatne wish to perpetuate themselves and their friends in pictures against the mighty cliff. Therefore a special sight platform was created on the foot of the cliff ensuring rich landscape and at the same time protecting the natural monument from human-induced cracking (sandstone rock is friable and walking on it is undesirable).

Its additional name the Cave rock characterizes the peculiarity of Lustuzis, because many caves and cellars were cut here, and this is the only place where cellars were cut even in two levels. Today several cellars still serve inhabitants and they store winter supplies there.

Only a guided visit of Ligatne caves and cellars is available to tourists!