Ligatne Village


EDEN 2011 Ligatne ENG from LTDA on Vimeo.

 Ligatne is one of the most beautiful nature corners in the Gauja National Park.
On the one hand, Ligatne is connected to the only paper producer in Latvia, on the other hand, to the old valley of Gauja River and Gauja National Park, but in the center of it there is Ligatne historical complex of paper industry with a unique “Historical center of Ligatne Paper Mill village”.
The historical development of the village of Ligatne Paper Mill is at least 200 years long. Ligatne is situated on 6 hills: Rigaskalns, Springukalns, Skolaskalns, Plucukalns, Kiberkalns and Remdenkalns, in the middle of which there is a valley named Zakusala.
For already 190 years the name of Ligatne has been related to the paper mill. Its historical center together with historical buildings of the mill is included in the list of cultural monuments of national importance.

This place is so beautiful due to sandstone cliff exposures on the banks of Ligatne River and Gauja River. Inhabitants of Ligatne remember tales about Katriniezis rock, Gudu cliffs, Jumpraviezis rock and, certainly, about Gauja – its dark pits, islands, rafters…
In the valley of Ligatne River there are artificial caves – cellars excellent at storage of vegetables and chosen as winter quarters by bats. 8 species of bats are met in Ligatne. Ligatne is the richest in caves place in Latvia.



Šobrīd Līgatnes papīrfabrikas ciemata vēsturiskajā centrā tiek īstenots projekts „Līgatnes papīrfabrikas ciemata kultūrvēsturiskās tūrisma takas izveide”
(Nr. PPA/, ko saskaņā ar vienošanos
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