Ligatne Paper-Mill and the historical center of Ligatne Paper-Mill village

For almost 200 years the name of Ligatne is closely related to the industrial heritage of Ligatne – Paper Mill. City construction monument of national importance displaying the wooden architecture of the 19th century that blends perfectly with the scenic nature – the hilly terrain, the Līgatne river and Lustūzis and Anfabrika rocks.

  During walk thru Ligatne Paper-Mill village, you will have a chance to follow the Paper-Mill's workers life –  staring with childbirth hospital, the school years till the work in the Paper-Mill and the family life in the wooden row houses. You can step inside the cellar caves which were dug into the sandstone cliffs since the end of 18th century. Tour to Paper Mill is only with guide, but you can see it from outside.  

 More information about guided tours available here.

Contact information

Phone: +371 29189707



Spriņģu Street 2, Līgatne

GPS coordinates

57.233483, 25.039786