Hotel in Rehabilitation centre of Ligatne

The hotel in rehabilitation centre of Ligatne offers 30 rooms for 50 persons. 20 double rooms, 10 single rooms. There is a bath, a shower, WC, TV in each room. Breakfest included. Children under 2 years- 100% discount.


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Phone: +371 64161915, +371 26467747

Apartments  "Lāču miga" ("Bear's den")

“Lāču miga” offers 12 modern and convenient apartments for everybody who wants to stay overnight, as well as for their pets. The house is suitable for organisation of different celebrations and seminars. There is a sauna complex with recreation area available for parties with friends. Prior arrangement all year through.

Pets are welcome.

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Phone: +371 29133713.
Address:Gaujas street 22, Līgatne, Līgatne Region.

Holiday Complex Ezernieki

In the holiday complex a large guest house, where it is possible to organise weddings, banquets, celebrations, presentations, and other events (for up to 70 people), with a kitchen, sauna, hall with a billiard/pool table, and terrace with a beautiful view of the ponds and the edge of the forest.

The guest house offers a place for campfires, an outdoor grill with firewood, paintball, all-terrain vehicle rental, football, basketball and volleyball courts, nature trails, fishing, bicycle and boat rental. We also offer the services of a professional chef, sauna attendant, florist, musicians, masters of ceremonies and entertainers. 

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Phone: +371 26592550

Address:  „Ezernieki”, Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region. 

Canoe camping "Makars"

 The Campsite “Makars” offers facilitated camping lots for cars and busses, picnic grounds, places for tents, as well as parking grounds.

 It is possible to go down the Gauja River with a canoe, kayak, inflatable raft, boat or a wooden raft with tables and benches.



More information: 
e-mail:, Phone: +371 29244948

Address: Gaujas street 36, Līgatne, Līgatne Region. 


University of Latvia Recreation Centre „Ratnieki”

Ratnieki is a part of cultural heritage of the first Republic of Latvia. This exemplary agricultural estate was created in 1930-ties by the most 

successful Latvian entrepreneur in textile industry Roberts Hiršs (1895-1972). He bequeathed his property to the University of Latvia, which has transformed the place in modern conference and leisure centre providing spacious rooms for events and accommodation for up to 140 guests.



Phone: +371 26445211

Address: "Ratnieki", Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region. 

Guest house “Ilzītes”

The guest house offers our visitors the opportunity to relax with their friends or family. For our guests’ conveniences, we also has a hall for private celebrations and other events for 25 persons. The guest house has also a terrace, grill-spot and bonfire place, as well as a wood-fired bath and a pond to cool off afterwards. We offer also free internet, a tent site and a parking lot.



Phone: +371 29127134.

 Address: “Ilzītes” Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region. 

Apartments of the Līgatne paper mill historical village

Accommodation at Zaķusala, the historical centre of the Līgatne paper mill village, one of the first workers’ dwelling-houses built more than 140 years ago. Three different apartments, family and pet-friendly. Additional beds available, as well as cots and cribs.


Phone + 371 266 03039; +371 29 408 535

Address: Brīvības street 5, Līgatne, Līgatne Region. 

Riga's hill apartments
Relax and feel Ligatne probably staying Riga hill apartments. Peculiar terraced houses are located studio apartment allows you to fully satisfy the requirements of everyday routine, while enjoying more than 100 years old wooden houses charm. Max 4 persons.
Phone : +371 29 142 242; +371 288 02 955
E-mail :,
Address : Rīgas street 5, Līgatne, Līgatne Region

Vilhelmīne apartments

Vilhelmīne apartments are the place to rest after a day well spent and to enjoy the peace offered by the historically splendid town, with the chance to observe the rapid Līgatne River. We provide our guests with full-service catering and information and recreational possibilities in Līgatne. We also offer bicycles for rent.

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Address: Brīvības street 5, Līgatne, Līgatne Region.

Guest house "Nītaures dzirnavas" ("The Mill of Nitaure")

The guest house is situated in fully restored water-mill at the Mergupe river and the mill's lake among the hills.

The complex consists of:
•  large guest house for 58 persons, restaurant, seminar hall, sauna, terrace at the mill's lake
•  lake house for 25 persons, hall for festivities (up to 40 persons), country bathhouse, terrace


More information:,
Phone: +371 26665040, +371 64144279, Fax: 64144481
Address: "Dzirnavas", Nītaures pagasts, Cēsu raj. LV - 4112